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İngilizce İngilizce dersi ödevleri,İngilizce ödevleri...

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Grammar Test - 9
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Standart Grammar Test - 9

1) If only ............... , none of this would've happened.
a. I will not have mentioned it**** b. I hadn't mentioned it
c. had I not mentioned it**** d. I would've mentioned it
e. it is not mentioned
2) Yes, I know you're tired this morning; but ............... to the party, you wouldn't've come home and gone to bed so late.
a. if you wouldn't go**** b. if you've not gone**** c. if you hadn't gone
d. if you wouldn't have gone**** e. if you didn't go
3) If I'd realized this before, I ............... in such a mess now.
a. wouldn't be**** b. weren't**** c. wouldn't have been
d. won't have been**** e. had not been
4) ............... for his great courage, all lives would have been lost.
a. If it had been**** b. It wouldn't have been**** c. Wouldn't it have been
d. If it were**** e. Had it not been
5) He listened to them with patience, ............... he was obviously infuriated.
a. consequently**** b. even though**** c. resulting from
d. now that**** e. besides
6) When it started to rain, I .............. the shopping.
a. would just go to**** b. was going to buy it**** c. would've gone for
d. was just about to leave to do
e. won't have been coming back from
7) ............... it, but I didn't have enough money on me.
a. I was going to buy**** b. I wouldn't have bought**** c. I have been going to buy
d. I wouldn't've been going to buy**** e. I wouldn't buy
8) "I never expected to see you at the airport yesterday." "Yes, I ............... some friends.
a. have been seeing off**** b. was seeing off *** c. have seen off
d. would've been seeing off **** e. won't've seen off
9) Am I happy to see you back! ............... you so much!
a. I've missed *** b. I used to miss**** c. I'd miss
d. I'd have missed**** e. I'm missing
10) "How long has your husband been away?" "Well, on Friday ............... for three weeks."
a. he'll've been *** b. he's been going**** c. he'd have been going
d. he'll've been gone**** e. he's gone
11) "What excellent Turkish you speak!" "So .............. ! I've been living in Ankara for ten years."
a. must I**** b. do I**** c. I should**** d. I could**** e. much more
12) "What was that noise?" "Don't worry. It ............... the dog chasing some cat."
a. can't have been**** b. should have been**** c. must have been
d. ought to have been**** e. had to be
13) What a smart suit that is you've got on. It ............... very expensive to buy.
a. ought to have been**** b. should have been**** c. had been
d. must have been**** e. can't have been
14) "Must I always pay my rent by cheque (check)?" "No, you ............... . Pay it whatever way you want to."
a. mustn't**** b. shouldn't**** c. dare not**** d. can't**** e. needn't
15) It must have been an interesting performance. I would like ............... it, too. I'm sorry I missed it.
a. to be seeing**** b. to have seen**** c. to have been seeing
d. to see**** e. to be seen
16) Isn't it about time ............... taking things seriously?
a. for you starting**** b. you to start**** c. to have been starting
d. you started**** e. starting
17) Never in my life ............... such an unusual performance!
a. have I seen**** b. I see**** c. I have seen
d. I will see**** e. to see
18) Between the two mountains ............... .
a. the river is *** b. is a river**** c. the river is there
d. a river is**** e. there the river is
19) Not only ............... buildings, but they also specify the different kinds of materials for their buildings.
a. design architects do
b. architects do design
c. do architects design
d. do design architects
e. design do architects
20) The Angora cat, ............... can be seen in our local zoo, is an extremely beautiful animal.
a. of which**** b. that**** c. specimens of which
d. that a specimen of**** e. a specimen

01. b 06. d 11. c 16. d
02. c 07. a 12. c 17. a
03. a 08. b 13. d 18. b
04. e 09. a 14. e 19. c
05. b 10. d 15. b 20. c
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